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C.F. 02709280214
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CA-VO Source - 21kb - ErrorHandler source - 89kb - Printer classes demo source - 40kb - Compression Plus Class Wrapper - 57kb - Read an MS Excel table with OLE - 145kb - interface to the hs_regex dll for CA-VO - 19kb - interface to Marshallsofts SEE DLL for CA-VO (SendMail) - 18kb - interface to Marshallsofts FCE DLL for CA-VO (FTP client) - 10kb - CA-VO sources for a commandline application to terminate a process - 440kb - CA-VO sources for loading a COM dll side-by-side (registration-free) - 754kb - CA-VO sources and sample for using the GD lib - 973kb - CA-VO sources for loading the OLE XlsFile DLL side-by-side (registration-free) - 18kb - CA-VO sources to display a PDF document in a window - 7kb - CA-VO sources of a http communication class based on winHttp - 119kb - CA-VO sources and PHP code for a http based MySQL access - 123kb - Fixed version of VO28RDD.DLL for VO 2.8 SP4b (changed area selections with CCOPTIMISTIC) - 447kb - .NET COM library to access PostgreSQL database from CA-VO (with sample)

VPE Interface and demo see here

CA-VO Utilities (without source)

(all need the runtime dlls) - 1,73mb - Runtime DLLs CA-VO 2.5b-2 - 463kb - export a MS Jet table to a DBF file (31.01.2003) - 953k - measures XBase I/O performance with CA-VO and Clipper.
Includes source and all needed binaries - 338kb - saves files in a zip file with disk spanning
with command line functionality (version 1.00j - 21/04/2001)

(If you think to need the sources for these, please contact me)

SDT sources and executables - 192kb - scripting in pure CA-VO with VOScript

CA-VO Documents

VO27pg.pdf - 4.403k - VO 2.7 Programmers Guide.
Vo27gs.pdf - 5.316k - VO 2.7 Getting Started Guide.
vo27ug.pdf - 8.382k - VO 2.7 IDE User Guide.
Vo27ssa.pdf - 2.038k - VO 2.7 South Seas Adventure. - 25011kb - compressed help files for CA-VO 2.8 SP4b